Thursday, June 30, 2011

MPT Spring 2011 Newsletter

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THEME: The Power of Nonviolence
In this newsletter we lift up the power of nonviolence and celebrate the growing number of nonviolent movements around the planet that are seeking social change. At the same time we acknowledge that Earth Community is facing some of the most serious economic, social, and political problems imaginable. As people increasingly experience their lives being stressed by violence, unemployment, eviction, debt, and malnutrition, our responsibility to help them understand the power of nonviolence and the possibilities of nonviolent action becomes ever more important.
Writers include Emily Barone, Kellie Brandt, John Dear, Paula Marie Deubel, Peter Dougherty, Peter Kalleward, Tom Lumpkin, Jasiu Milanowski, Barbara Nolin, Kim Redigan, Julie Slowik, Annette Thomas, and Liz Walters.