Monday, November 5, 2012


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THEME:  Doing the Good Work and Ways to Overcome Obstacles
Knowing that active nonviolence is always our MPT focus, how do we keep on doing the good work with informed action in community, and with commitment in the face of obstacles? And secondly:  What are effective ways of overcoming our own, our community’s, our world’s sense of hopelessness, paralysis, atomization, apathy and cynicism?  


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THEME: Mexico and Michigan Peace Team
A light shines on Mexico where there is both hope AND suffering. The purpose of this newsletter is to celebrate the birthing of peace that is happening because of nonviolent grassroots efforts there AND to promote Michigan Peace Team’s new accompaniment campaign that advocates action in the United States in support of nonviolent grassroots efforts in Mexico. Over the years MPT sent fourteen peace teams and delegations to Mexico.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


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THEME - Women of Conscience, Women of Courage, Women Who Challenge:  Another World Is Possible

In this newsletter readers meet some great women including the Michigan Peace Team 2012 Signature Event guest speakers and awardees. Featured are:

  • women who embrace the power of nonviolence in social change work;
  • women who work to  abolish war and activate peace;
  • women who communicate their love, hope, wisdom through teaching, preaching, organizing, meditating, and protesting;
  • women who are mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, and wonderful companions on the journey to peace on earth; and, 
  • women who touch the heart and inspire us to action. 

We hope that you enjoy the newsletter and
plan to join us at MPT’s 2012 Signature Event on April 29th!